The Goddess of Rain Mariamman – Bel Bel Puja
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Mari also known as Mariamman, Tamil word Amman means “Mother” which both means “Mother Mari” also called Mariamma is the South Indian Hindu goddess of rain. She is the main South Indian mother goddess is closely related with the Hindu goddesses Parvati and Durga as well as with her North Indian equivalent to goddess Shitaladevi. Her worship mainly focuses to bringing rain and curing diseases like cholera, smallpox, and chicken pox. She is the main Tamil mother goddess, prime in the urban areas of Tamil Nadu. There is a story about the origin of Mariamman, who is a wife of Thiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet who was an outcast. She caught smallpox and begged from house to house for food, fanning herself with leaves of the neem or margosa tree to keep the flies off her sores. She recovered and people worshipped her as the goddess of smallpox. To keep smallpox away, neem leaves are hung above the main entryways of South Indian homes. Every year this occasion will be organized in the mid of April and this year also celebrated in the town of Bandel. The sacred devotees will gather near on the temple of Olaichonditola Mata, where they reached […] Read more!
The Calmness of Udaipur Sea Beach
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Recently we had a short trip in Udaipur beach, which is closely situated near at Digha beach just a 3 km away from it. This beach mostly favorable for the crowd hated persons. This place is also marked as an border of West Bengal and Orissa. The place is very calm but now a days for its popularity the people also visit this place very frequently. In this area you can also view the west bengal government under taking fishy culture projects, before entering towards sea beach besides of it. On this beach you can spend your time with your near and dear ones. We went there on 5th – 6th of June, 2016 with our three close friends and their families. We had spent a very enchanting memories in there. Sharing some of the view of Udaipur sea beach photos with you guys, at the time we visit in there.   Read more!
Why Heartbleed could affect your secure information
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The Heartbleed Bug We all know that Internet has very famous for biggest security threats in past and for future it is called Heartbleed bug, the Internet has ever seen. The bug has already affected many of websites and services we used it in our daily life like as Gmail, Facebook etc, it has the ability to get your very private information (like as passwords and credit card numbers) over the past two years. But yet i do not think this could be possible to grab the vulnerable sites by which it has spread throughout the Internet. But their is very helpful article i had found that Mashable has found very informative list which sites has been already affected by it and this would be very first steps to update their secure information asap. Some of the Internet companies has already passed their clients to secure their information from it by changing their information, though their has no any prior information that before this week the hackers will not get your secure information from it. It is going to be a good practice to change your login password in frequent basis, if the site or services has not yet solved […] Read more!