aerial portrait shot at mousuni
The Mousuni Island

Mousuni is the small island at Baliara beach in Sundarban Delta, just beside there is another beach called Jambu island, which is very close to this island. The name Mosuni...

07 08 2019 / Posted by admin
The Goddess of Rain Mariamman – Bel Bel Puja

Mari also known as Mariamman, Tamil word Amman means “Mother” which both means “Mother Mari” also called Mariamma is the South Indian Hindu goddess of rain. She is the main...

21 07 2018 / Posted by admin
The Calmness of Udaipur Sea Beach

Recently we had a short trip in Udaipur beach, which is closely situated near at Digha beach just a 3 km away from it. This beach mostly favorable for the...

21 07 2018 / Posted by admin
Why Heartbleed could affect your secure information

The Heartbleed Bug We all know that Internet has very famous for biggest security threats in past and for future it is called Heartbleed bug, the Internet has ever seen....

21 07 2018 / Posted by admin