The Mousuni Island

07 August 2019 / By admin
aerial portrait shot at mousuni

Mousuni is the small island at Baliara beach in Sundarban Delta, just beside there is another beach called Jambu island, which is very close to this island. The name Mosuni came from the local residents used as “mosh-ani” it is a bengali term which means bringing buffaloes here to feed. Day by day this place becomes most famous for its calmness and it is much far from the other ordinary beach places. This beach is very famous for the tent loving peoples. Nowadays it has famous for among the bachelors and as well as the family peoples also.

We spent here for one day with our 11 friends and we stayed on “Mousuni island” camp. There are various camps available but we chosen this one as because the place has not any artificial structures to please there travelers with ordinary one which makes them unique from the others camp.

The Camp Name – Mousuni island
The Short tents for two persons
The Bigger tents for three persons
The Teammates
Our Team, in front myself Bukan, Animesh, Debasish, Sanjay, Neelanjan, Rvind ( Right side )
(Left side ) Dhiraj, Raju, Amitava, Koushik & Suvankar ( The Shy one always hide while take Groupie )

Mostly peoples came here for relax as we also do, but we have some other stuffs too which will bring our this community of friends here. The Sintu Da – 9836830342 it was his number & WhatsApp numbers too. If you liked this place then just call him he will manage all the things for there. he is taking care of this place more than him. Pardon, what i left in there is the stuffs what we came here is there has some poor children’s around there, as informed by Sintu Da to us. So we decided to bring some glance of happiness to there daily life. So we decided to provide each of them near about 30 children’s a set of pencils, sharpeners, biscuits, eraser, flexible pencil box with some of the clothes to them. I really thankful to all of my teammates for there contributions which bring the joy and happiness to those poor children’s for a while. Here are the images for this :

Those Poor Children’s of the Mousuni Island
The memorable moment!

We may be stay there for one day but we enjoyed this place very much than any other place we did travel ever. We do take some aerial photographs including some aerial videography. This is the Facebook video link for this.

The Camp – “Mousuni island” aerial view

The Travel Route – How to reach Mousuni Island, we do take the train and the bus route for this. Up to Howrah from local trains we reached there in early morning. After that we rush to the bus stand at Esplanade WBTC for the bus to reach Namkhana, whch leave during 8:00 am in the morning ( scheduled departure time at 7:30 am ). After 3 hours of bus journey we reached Namkhana bus stop of WBTC at 11:00 am. After that we take a local magic shuttle to reach the located near ghat before Mousuni island for ferry purpose. After that we take the ride of Toto near about 3 Kms to reached the spot we have booked.
We had made another full video in Youtube also for this. Hope you like the video’s we have shared for this.

Thanks for your time & patience!